last revised:  May 09, 2002

1. Start page

Filename: Your start page will be named "index.htm." 

Size: everything must fit in a frame no larger than 700 x 500 pixels, so that no scrolling is required, even on legacy machines.

Required Content:

a) Name(s) of author(s)

b) Mailto link for author(s)

c) Title of project

d) Navigation aids to main parts of project. these can be buttons, hover buttons, words with links, etc.

e) Credits: Richardson Institute 2002, Austin College

Clarity: Text should be legible. Decorations should not detract from main information.

Aesthetics: Page should not be too busy, too garish, too loud; but also not too monotone, too bland, too colorless.

2. Navigation

For every page, your scheme should provide buttons or other aids that facilitate both linear and non-linear browsing. 

Pages should incorporate redundant ways to navigate.

You should strive for clarity and transparency of navigation for every page.

3. Modules

Each module should have an independent explanation, a sort of teacher's guide, to its implementation. This guide should have details about language level and probable classroom application, and should speak to the realities of technology access relevant to its successful implementation.