So glad you asked.


Do you want higher test scores?  Would you like to travel?  Are you interested in art, music, fashion, science, the movies?  Would you care to improve your memory and your problem-solving skills?  Do you love to eat?  Do you still believe that Spanish is easier?


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  So, is that all we have to do, Madame?  Super!

  Ben, non!  Cliquez ici! (And you thought you couldn't read French...)  



Now that you are a confirmed Francophile I know you are dying to know more.  You could:   a.  Travel the world. This, however, takes the aforementioned MONEY,

             b.  Pray to The God of All Languages for a bolt of genie,

             c.  Hire Jodi Foster or Johnny Depp to tutor you,

             d.  Or, sigh, pay attention in class.  Yep, that's the one.

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