Die besten Schüler lenern Deutsch!

A little bit about Herr Jones:

    I was born, grew up, and finished high school in the Windy City of Chicago. I participated in a number of high school activities, but grew most by running track for three years as a quarter miler. 

    After high school I attended Vanderbilt University in Nashville, Tennessee and graduated with a double major in German and Spanish. I received my Master's Degree in Bilingual Education from Chicago State University a few years later.

    I have lived in Houston since 1981 and have a wonderful wife and two great daughters. When I have time I enjoy biking, swimming, and reading.

My e-mail address is ajones@kleinisd.net

As you learn German you may wish to know about the way people in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Luxembourg, and Liechtenstein spend their free time or go about daily their daily lives. Click below to learn more about the following topics as they relate to German speaking countries.

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