July 21-27, 2002


Welcome to the main page for the Latin House section of the Austin College Foreign Language Institute, Summer 2002.

Latin Institute Members

Latin Institute Personnel

Susan Barber, Spring Woods High School

Bob Cape, Austin College

Carroll L. Collins, MacArthur High School

Jim Johnson, Austin College

Anna Louise Hinkle, Sherman High School

Lindy Olsen, Austin College

Valerie S. Johnson, Greenville High School

Laura Veal, Plano High School

John M. Lewis, Creekview High School

Larry Martin, Van Alstyne High School

Conna Oram, S.F. Austin High School

The Institute is divided between immersion in the language (YES! we will speak Latin!!) and workshops on effective language teaching with technology (primarily the Internet). Click here for the schedule. Most of our technology work will go toward creating a new Internet resource:

Vita Romana Cottidiana

For reference, several Internet sites of use to Latin teachers may be found on the following pages:

The general technology workshop for the Institute can be found at:


Click for Sherman, Texas Forecast


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