Sherman, Texas 21. -27. Juli 2002 Jordan Family Language House

Das Projekt.

Each of you will create a webpage about  something that we will be exploring during the Institute or some other material that interests you and that you find useful for your classroom. This could be a list of resources, a set of exercises, a virtual journey, a page with material about one or more of our morning discussions.  Keep the following guidelines in mind as you work on your pages:

1. The site should be useful for your students.  It should be a resource, a place for the students to go in order to learn or practice their German.

2.  The site should provide information about the German-speaking countries or give the students practice in two or three language skills--reading, writing and/or listening.

3.  Each website should contain the following elements: 

It should start of with a front page (or Portal) containing 1) information about you and 2) links to additional pages that you create.
Several links pertinent to your topic
A "mail-to" link, enabling users to email you directly

Truett Cates will be working with you about how to produce productive Web pages,

On Friday afternoon, you will have an opportunity to use our computer-projection facility to present your project to your colleagues

Please look at Truett's guidlines to producing Web pages.